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To Life itself
To all the greatest painters, sculptors and architects whose work I have seen
To all the greatest writers whose work I have seen
To all the greatest musicians whose work I have heard
To my late Dad
To my Mum
To my brothers and sisters : Bart and Martijn, Hester and Evelyn
To my nephews : Loet, Job, Haaf and Luc
To all the children I have ever met
To all my teachers 1972-1987
To all my professors at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague, NL, 1987-1992
To all my close Friends for their love and support, and for existing in my Wonder Life
To my most important friend so far, the late Bodhi Avasa, for his cristal clear sharing, Master with Words.
To Shakti for the simultaneous translation of Bodhi Avasa into italian, so I could hear everything twice.
To F.F. for excellent and dedicated work
To Elizabeth Blanchard for her genorostity and trust and for saving my life
To Eve Hope, my master in decorating majolica ceramics
To Rampini Ceramics for giving me the chance to do an apprenticeship (1995-1999)
To the late Giuseppe Rampini who taught me my first italian
To the late Sergio Caddeo, Sculptor, for incouraging my artistic freedom
To Pinuccio Sciola
To Tanneke for making my website
To all my clients of the last 30 years
To all the visitors at my studio
To anybody that ever gave me a smile or a hug when I needed it
To Arno the dog, 2002-2017, King of the River, for being 100% unconditional Love

Very special thanks and Gratitude to U.N.

Bless all Human Beings on this Divine Planet Earth, let us all dance together.